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Bringing Mindfulness, Restorative  Practices & Social-Emotional Learning to Schools, Organizations, Communities

The practices of mindfulness, contemplative education, and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are now being widely explored in schools throughout the United States and other countries. Extensive research has shown that mindfulness practices and SEL decrease stress, attention deficit issues, depression, anxiety, and hostility in children, while benefitting health, well-being, and social relationships. Our trainings are tailored to meet the diverse needs of your students and staff.

What is restorative justice in the workplace? While restorative justice in the United States originated as an alternative approach to the criminal justice system, the underlying philosophies and values (rooted in care and respect of humanity) can help shape inclusive workplaces that respect all individuals, focus on community-building, and repair harms through meaningful accountability. Our staff climate & culture development trainings are rooted in a restorative process and ensures the following key takeaways for your team:

1. Build a supportive, intentional, and equitable community with conditions conducive to learning and working.

2. Build relationships, create shared values, guidelines, and goals.
3. Co-create a safe, supportive space for the expression of feelings & emotions.
4. Team members see themselves as part of a community and discover a great deal about one another outside of their daily work.
5. Provide an opportunity to strengthen your team by establishing clear values and a shared understanding.
6. Identify creative ways to deal with conflict amongst the team.


"Promoting Social & Emotional Learning in Classrooms"

"Understanding and Implementing Social and Emotional Language"

"Exploring Social and Emotional Learning Through Equity and Diversity"

"Exploring Adult Social and Emotional Competence"

"Addressing Challenging Behavior Through Social and Emotional Strategies"

"Using Literature to Teach Social and Emotional Learning"


"#Selfie: Balancing Self-Care in the Workplace_ 


"Mindful OVER Mind Full"

"Making Mindfulness Matter: What Works Best, For Whom, and Why"

"Mindfulness-Based Interventions in School"

"The Art of Mindful Leadership"

"The Journey Within: Connecting Urban Youth to Themselves"

"Connecting Mindfulness and Social Emotional Learning"

"Supporting Healthy and Thriving School Climates"


"Introduction to Restorative Practices"


"Circle Keeper Training"


"Restorative Conferencing to Repair Harm"


"School Mediation and Conflict Coaching"


"Implementing Restorative Peer Mediation Programming"


"Breaking the School to Prison Pipeline with Restorative Practices" 

"Embracing Restorative Circles and the Space Within It"

"Using Restorative Circles to Address Bullying & Gang Violence"


Uncage Your Rage & Unleash Your Power: Anger Management Workshop"

"Leaving Your Digital Footprint: Social Media Etiquette"

"Character Based Decision Making"

"College-Bound Character"

"The Leader In Me"

"Im Bigger Than This: Conflict Resolution Workshop"

"Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships with Friends and Family"

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